Brian W. Dotts


Resident Instruction


  • EDUC 2110 Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education
  • EDUC 2110 (Honors) Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education
  • EDUC 2120 Exploring Socio-Cultural Issues in Diversity
  • EDUC 2120 (Honors) Exploring Socio-Cultural Issues in Diversity
  • FYOS 1001 The Education of Winston Smith and Napoleon: Critical Thinking in the Novels of George Orwell (First Year Odyssey Seminar)


  • EFND 6000 Special Problems in Social Foundations of Education
  • EFND 7040 History of Education in the United States
  • ETAP/QUAL 8100 Historical Inquiry and Research Methods (this course was created in 2018 by Dr. Dotts upon request, but he teaches only undergraduate courses since 2018 per the current Dean)
  • EFND 8060 Social and Political Philosophies of Education

Current and Past Editorial Membership

-Journal of Educational Foundations -Education Law & Policy Review -The Journal of Thomas Jefferson’s Life and Times -The Journal of Philosophy and History of Education

University Affiliations

  • Faculty Fellow, Center for Social Justice, Civil, and Human Rights
  • Affiliate Faculty, Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute
  • Affiliate Faculty, Qualitative Research Program
  • Affiliate Faculty, Education Policy

Areas of Expertise

  • History of American Education
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Education Policy
  • Constitutional Law
  • Critical Theory
  • Multiculturalism


  • History of American Education
  • Privatization of Education
  • Separation of Church and State
  • Textbooks as Political and Ideological Artifacts

Academic Affiliations


  •  PhD in History, Philosophy, and Education Policy Studies in Education, 2005
    Indiana University
  •  MA in American Politics, 1992
    Boston College
  •  BA in Political Science, 1990
    Indiana University Southeast


Research Summary

Brian W. Dotts, PhD, is a non-tenure-track Professor of Educational Foundations, University of Georgia. He has published peer-reviewed books and papers in the history of American Education, specifically focusing on educational and political theories during the American Revolution and early national period, common school politics during the Antebellum Era, John Dewey and Social Reconstructionism during the early twentieth century, and educational foundations as an academic field. Dotts has also published papers related to multiculturalism and the school privatization movement. His most recent book, published by Cambridge University Press, won the 2020 Society of Professors of Education Book Award.

Dotts has been a member of the University of Georgia’s Graduate Faculty since 2010. Dotts coordinated the College of Education’s Educational Foundations courses from 2010 to 2018. Dotts taught numerous graduate Educational Foundations courses before the deactivation of this academic “program.” Upon the planned deactivation of the former “Social Foundations Program,” Dotts was transferred to the Department of Educational Theory and Practice so the department head at that time could teach educational history courses. Prior to and following the deactivation of this “Program,” Dotts agreed to take on and prepare numerous Social Foundations doctoral students. The last student graduated in 2018. Thereafter, Dotts' graduate work was no longer needed by the College, and he was then required to adhere to his 2009 contract by teaching only undergraduate social foundations courses (EDUC 2110 and EDUC 2120) per the current Dean. Likewise, his research and publishing came to an end in 2020 in order to strictly adhere to his 2009 contract.



This educational foundations book offers a comprehensive overview of American education history and a variety of classical, Enlightenment, and contemporary educational philosophers. While Educational Foundations includes a history of American education, it also looks at numerous policies, constitutional law cases, events, and political, religious, and social conflicts for students to consider while learning their subject matter. The text is divided into two sections: the first is a look at a broad array of philosophical influences from the Western canon, while the second is an exploration of the history of American education, focusing on a few specific eras. With strong and helpful pedagogical features and resources, such as class activities, suggested files, chapter objectives, and sidebar questions, this textbook is an excellent resource for students. It is useful for undergraduate and graduate courses in educational foundations.
  • Dotts, Brian W. (2019/2020)
  • London, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2019
  • Books
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In Conservative Philanthropies: Ideologies and Actions Shaping U.S. Educational Policy and Practice. Edited by Kathleen deMarrais, Brigette Herron, and Janie Copple.
  • Brian W. Dotts. (2020)
  • Gorham, ME: Myers Education Press
  • Chapters
In The Sage Handbook of Critical Pedagogies. Edited by Shirley R. Steinberg and Barry Down. Volume I of III
  • Brian W. Dotts. (2020)
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  • Chapters
In Learning to Teach in an Era of Privatization: Global Trends in Teacher Preparation. Edited by T. J. Brewer & and C. Lubienski.
  • Atkinson, Jamie C. and Brian W. Dotts. (2019)
  • New York, NY: Teachers College Press
  • Chapters
In Dewey and Education in the 21st Century: Fighting Back. Edited by Ruth Heilbronn, Christine Doddington, and Rupert Higham.
  • Brian W. Dotts. (2018)
  • United Kingdom: Emerald Publishing Limited. ISBN: 9781787436268. (Reprinted journal article from a 2016 edition of Education & Culture)
  • Chapters
In The Elusive Thomas Jefferson: Essays on the Man Beyond the Myths. Edited by M. Andrew Holowchak and Brian W. Dotts
  • Dotts, Brian W. (2017)
  • Jefferson, NC: McFarland Publishing, 2017
  • Chapters
In Moral and Civic Learning in the United States. Edited by Donald Warren and John Patrick.
  • Dotts, Brian W.
  • New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2006
  • Chapters

Journal Articles

"Tacitus: "The Greatest Enemy to Tyrants": History as Moral Instruction"
The Journal of Thomas Jefferson’s Life and Times* 1, no. 1 (2017): 71-82
  • Dotts, Brian W. (2017)
  • Journal Articles
Education and Culture: The Journal of the John Dewey Society 32, no. 1, Article 9 (2016): 111-129. Reprinted in Ruth Heilbronn, Christine Doddington, Rupert HIgham (Eds.). (2018). Dewey and Education in the 21st Century: Fighting Back (pp. 161-181)
  • Dotts, Brian W.
  • United Kingdom: Emerald Publishing Limited, 2018
  • Journal Articles
Education as Instrument or as Empowerment? Untangling White Privilege in the Politics of Ethnic Studies -The Tucson Unified School District
Multicultural Education 22 nos. 3 & 4, (Spring/Summer 2015): 35-38
  • Dotts, Brian W.
  • Caddo Gap Press
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Democracy and Education 23 no. 1 (2015): 1-40
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  • Democracy and Education
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Educational Studies: A Journal of the American Educational Studies Association 49, no. 2 (2013): 148-168
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Journal of Philosophy and History of Education 62 no. 1 (2012): 207-226
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The Democratic-Republican Societies: An Educational Dream Deferred
Educational Horizons 88 no. 3 (2010): 179-192
  • Dotts, Brian W.
  • Educational Horizons
  • Journal Articles

Awards and Accolades

Outstanding Book Award

Society of Professors of Education, 2020

Special Collections Libraries Faculty Teaching Fellow

Special Collections Libraries, University of Georgia, 2018

Carl Glickman Faculty Fellow Award

College of Education, University of Georgia, 2016

Donald O. Schneider Mentoring Award

College of Education, University of Georgia, 2014