Elizabeth (Beth) Wurzburg, Ph.D.


My career is dedicated to improving the quality of the teaching profession through helping preservice teachers, practicing teachers and future teacher educators identify and deconstruct normative, hegemonic and damaging discourses and structures operating in their working lives. I do this so they might imagine more equitable ways of knowing and being with both themselves and the students they teach.

Areas of Expertise

  • Critical Feminist Teacher Education
  • Pedagogies of Teacher Education
  • Neoliberalism and Education
  • Progressive Neoliberalism


  • Love Ethic in Teaching
  • Working Lives of Teachers
  • Pedagogies of Anti-Domination



  •  Ph.D. in Educational Theory and Practice, Teacher Education, 2015
    University of Georgia
  •  Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies, 2015
    University of Georgia
  •  Ed.S. in Educational Administration and Policy, 2011
    University of Georgia
  •  M.A. in Special Education, 2009
    Piedmont College
  •  B.A. in Early Childhood Education, 2006
    Piedmont College


Research Summary

Dr. Wurzburg’s primary areas of research and scholarship are in critically oriented feminist teaching and teacher education and manifestations of neoliberalism, postfeminism and progressive neoliberalism in the working lives of teachers. She uses critically oriented, feminist theories to identify and deconstruct normative, hegemonic, and damaging discourses and structures that function to limit what can be imagined in justice-oriented education.