Ellen M. Evans

Areas of Expertise

  • clinical exercise physiology
  • body composition
  • weight management


  • middle-aged and older adults
  • women's health
  • randomized controlled trials
  • effective and sustainable physical activity/exercise interventions

Academic Affiliations


  •  BS in Physical Education, 1987
    Western Illinois University
  •  MS in Exercise Physiology, 1990
    University of Illinois
  •  PhD in Exercise Physiology, 1998
    University of Georgia
  •  PostDoc in Geriatrics and Gerontology; Applied Physiology, 2001
    Washington University School of Medicine


 706-542-4395 (office)

Research Summary

The goal of my research program is to create and disseminate knowledge regarding the importance of physical activity/exercise and nutrition for optimal body composition as it relates to health status, with a special interest in aging and women’s health. My translational clinical research program is interdisciplinary and evaluates body composition outcomes as both independent and dependent variables fostering collaborations with experts in nutrition, the behavioral sciences and biomedical imaging. My primary current research is exploring the efficacy of a higher protein diet, in combination with exercise, to favorably impact body composition and enhance physical function and mental energy in overweight middle-aged and older women.

Awards and Accolades

National Research Service Award

National Institutes of Health, 1999


American College of Sports Medicine, 2002

Fellow, Summer Institute on Aging Research

National Institute on Aging, NIH, 2003


The Obesity Society, 2007


National Academy of Kinesiology, 2016