Emily Q. Rosenzweig


  • Achievement motivation
  • STEM learning
  • Motivational interventions
  • Values and costs of learning
  • Adolescence
  • College student learning


  •  Ph.D. in Human Development (Specialization in Educational Psychology), 2017
    University of Maryland
  •  B.A. in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology and Educational Studies, 2011
    Washington University in St. Louis


Research Summary

Understanding what drives students to learn is critical for helping them reach their academic potential. My research lies at the intersection of educational, developmental, and social psychology and explores how to understand and improve students’ motivation during middle school, high school, and college. I focus in particular on math and science learning and career trajectories.

I have two primary lines of research. One examines how students’ motivation (their beliefs, values, goals, and energy directed towards or away from learning) affects their learning behavior, engagement, academic achievement, and career decision-making. The other examines how to develop and test interventions that promote motivation in order to help students learn more effectively.