H. James Garrett


Selected Publications

Garrett, H.J. (2019). Why does fake news work? On the psychosocial dynamics of learning, belief, and citizenship. In W. Journell (Ed.) Fake News: What it is, why it is problematic, and what educators can do about it. Teachers College Press

Garrett, H.J. (2019). Learning to tolerate the devastating realities of climate crises. Theory and Research in Social Education. Review of Wallace-Wells, D. (2019). Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming.

Schmeichel, M., Garrett, H.J., Ranschaert, R., McAnulty, J., Thompson, S., Janis, S., Clark, C., Yagata, S., Bivens, B. (2018). The complexity of learning to teach news media in social studies education. Journal of Media Literacy Education, 10(2), 86-103.

Garrett, H.J. (2017). Learning to be in the world with others: Difficult knowledge and social studies education. New York, NY: Peter Lang.

Garrett, H.J & Kerr, S. L (2016). Theorizing the use of aesthetic texts in social studies education. Theory and Research in Social Education, (44)4, 505-531.

Areas of Expertise

  • Curriculum Theory
  • Teacher Education
  • Social Studies Education


  • Psychoanalytic Theory in Education
  • Emotion and Affect in Teaching and Learning
  • News Media Literacy
  • Democracy Education

Academic Affiliations


  •  PhD in Curriculum, Instruction and Teacher Education, 2010
    Michigan State University


 706-542-4244 (office)

Research Summary

Jim’s research centers the emotional demands of learning and teaching about the social world, particularly when that learning has to do with trauma, crisis, or vulnerability. He has published research about white students' resistance to learning about race, the uses and potential of literature to attend to complications of learning to teach, and about the ways that aesthetic texts can be useful in difficult learning spaces. Currently, he is studying the circulation of affect and emotion during classroom discussions of current socio/political issues such as gun violence, race, and immigration. and also collaborates on a research team investigating social studies teachers' understandings and use of news media in their pedagogies. His book, Learning to be in the World with Others: Difficult Knowledge & Social Studies Education, was published in 2017 by Peter Lang. Prior to pursuing his career in academia, Jim taught high school courses in world studies, economics, psychology, and media studies.