Kathryn J. Roulston


I come from Queensland, Australia, and moved to Athens, Georgia in 2000. In 2001 I took a tenure-track position at UGA after spending one year as a post-doctoral fellow in the Qualitative Research program. My books include “Qualitative research design and methods: An introduction” (2024, with Kathleen deMarrais and Janie Copple), “Interviewing: A guide to theory and practice” (2022), “Exploring the archives: A beginner’s guide for qualitative researchers” (2021, with Kathleen deMarrais), and the edited collections, “Quests for questioners: Inventive approaches to qualitative interviews” (2023) and “Interactional studies of qualitative research interviews” (2019). I have contributed chapters to “The SAGE handbook of qualitative research” (6th ed., edited by Denzin, Lincoln, Giardina, and Cannella), “The SAGE handbook of interview research: The complexity of the craft” (2012, 2nd ed. edited by Gubrium, Holstein, Marvasti & McKinney), “The SAGE handbook of qualitative data analysis” (2014), “The SAGE handbook of data collection” (2018) and the “SAGE Handbook of qualitative research design” (2022, all edited by Uwe Flick) as well as articles to the journals Qualitative Research and Qualitative Inquiry, among others. In my spare time, I enjoy textile arts, including fabric dyeing and quilting, spinning and hand weaving.

Areas of Expertise

  • Qualitative theory and research methods; qualitative interviewing
  • Ethnomethodology and conversation analysis
  • Music education
  • Archival methods


  • Qualitative interviewing
  • Doctoral education;
  • Teaching qualitative research
  • Music education
  • Ethnomethodology and conversation analysis
  • Qualitative methods



  •  PhD in Education, 2000
    University of Queensland


Research Summary

My research interests include the study of qualitative research methodology (including ethnomethodological and conversation analytic approaches to research); and the study of topics in music education. I use ethnomethodology and conversation analysis as tools to do close analyses of interview talk and talk-in-interaction. This work has informed my work as an instructor, especially the teaching of qualitative interviewing. I am interested in reflective practice and have examined my own and others’ teaching, focusing on how to work with doctoral students as they select topics for research, and design dissertation studies.

Awards and Accolades

Russell H. Yeany, Jr., Research Award

Mary Frances Early College of Education, 2021

Ira E. Aaron Award for Teaching Excellence and Collegiality

College of Education, UGA, 2016

Carl Glickman Faculty Fellow

College of Education, UGA, 2009

D. Keith Osborne Award for Teaching Excellence

College of Education, UGA, 2006

Outstanding Teaching Award

College of Education, UGA, 2005