Born and raised in Ohio, I attended The University of Akron from 2001-2006. When not spending my time on the golf course, I worked as a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Mathematics. I grew curious about my students' mathematical thinking when teaching as part of the assistantship duties. This curiosity landed me in the sunny state of Arizona at Arizona State University under the guidance of Professor Marilyn P. Carlson. I immediately grew interested in the constructivist movement in mathematics education, and specifically the ability to take a scientific-inquiry approach to modeling students' mathematical thinking that aligned with my applied mathematics/physics background. Since this initial interest, I have rooted myself with other researchers who participate in this progressive research program in the hopes of better understanding students' mathematical thinking, improving the teaching and learning of mathematics, and opposing outcome-based forces in education.

As hobbies, I enjoy golf, college football, traveling, and laid back evenings with family and friends.

Areas of Expertise

  • secondary mathematics
  • undergraduate mathematics
  • calculus
  • precalculus
  • quantitative reasoning


  • student cognition
  • quantitative reasoning
  • covariational reasoning
  • representations
  • graphing

Academic Affiliations


  •  Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2010
    Arizona State University
  •  M.S. in Applied Mathematics, 2006
    The University of Akron
  •  B.S. in Applied Mathematics, 2006
    The University of Akron


 Aderhold Hall, 111K
 706-542-3211 (office)

Research Summary

“My main interest is developing empirically-grounded descriptions of students' quantitative and covariational reasoning in the context of major precalculus and calculus topics. I am currently investigating how to create situations that engender prospective secondary mathematics teachers' quantitative and covariational reasoning, including how to use multiple representations and coordinate systems to accomplish this goal. I recently received an NSF CAREER grant, titled *Advancing Secondary Mathematics Teachers' Quantitative Reasoning