Kristen Bub


Dr. Bub received her Ed.D. in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University where her areas of foci included social-emotional development, early education, and research methods. She received her bachelor’s degree psychology with an emphasis in developmental psychology from Mount Holyoke College.

Areas of Expertise

  • Early childhood education
  • Social-emotional development
  • Applied research methods and statistics


  • Self regulation
  • Executive functions
  • Social-emotional development
  • School readiness and achievement
  • Sociodemographic risk and development
  • Research methods and design



  •  EdD in Human Development and Psychology, 2008
    Harvard University
  •  MEd in Human Development and Methodology, 2004
    Harvard University
  •  BA in Psychology (Developmental), 1997
    Mount Holyoke College


Research Summary

Social competence is central to understanding adaptive functioning in social and academic contexts across the lifespan. My research lies at the intersection of development and learning and aims to understand the processes by which young children’s cognitive and behavioral regulation skills develop. I also seek to evaluate the impact of these skills on subsequent learning outcomes among understudied and at-risk populations of children. Ultimately, I intend to use my research to inform the development of prevention/intervention programs and inform policy for young children.