Lehong Shi, Ph.D.

Areas of Expertise

  • AI integration
  • Human-machine interaction
  • Generative AI in education


  • Generative AI in education
  • Robotics integration
  • Teacher AI literacy
  • Teacher AI acceptance



  •  Ph. D. in Learning, Design, and Technology, 2023
    University of Georgia


 706-542-1682 (office)

Research Summary

My research is dedicated to exploring the transformative journey of K-12 STEM educators as they integrate artificial intelligence (AI) tools (e.g., intelligent tutoring systems, robotics, adaptive learning systems, Generative AI) into the classroom environment. I seek to delve into how STEM teachers utilize and interact with AI technologies in their teaching, their perceptions and understanding of AI and AI literacy, as well as the evolution of their professional identities in relation to AI. Furthermore, I examine the nature of teacher-AI interactions and the professional development of STEM teachers as it pertains to AI integration.