Logan Fiorella

Areas of Expertise

  • Cognitive science
  • Instructional design
  • Learning strategies
  • Multimedia learning
  • Psychology of habit


  • Learning by explaining
  • Learning by drawing
  • Learning from visuals
  • Learning from examples
  • Building beneficial habits



  •  Ph.D. in Psychology, 2015
    University of California, Santa Barbara
  •  M.A. in Psychology, 2013
    University of California, Santa Barbara
  •  M.S. in Modeling and Simulation, 2010
    University of Central Florida
  •  B.S. in Psychology, 2009
    University of Central Florida


Research Summary

Dr. Fiorella studies the cognitive science of student learning and its implications for instruction. One research area focuses on understanding the benefits and boundary conditions of generative learning activities, such as learning by explaining and learning by drawing. A second area focuses on applying cognitive principles to the design of multimedia learning environments, including instructional videos. Dr. Fiorella is also interested in how habits influence student self-regulation, learning, and well-being.

Awards and Accolades

Rising Star Award

Owens Institute for Behavioral Research (OIBR), UGA, 2020

Richard E. Snow Award for Early Contributions in Educational Psychology

American Psychological Association, Division 15, 2020

NAEd/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship

National Academy of Education and Spencer Foundation, 2020

Outstanding Early Career Scholar Award

American Educational Research Association, Division C, 2019

Sarah H. Moss Fellowship

Center for Teaching and Learning, UGA, 2019


Psychonomic Society, 2019