Meg Easom Hines


Meg Easom Hines, Ph.D. serves as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Georgia in the Department of Educational Psychology, Gifted and Creative Education. Meg’s work is primarily centered around helping teachers in the field develop their knowledge, skills and expertise in developing talent in young people. She helps students bridge theory to practice learning the significance of psychological constructs in the application of methods and strategies for students in schools today. Her teaching, research and service activities come together to engage students in discovering the most meaningful ways that they can make those connections in their settings and become agents of change in advocating for our most highly able students.

Most notably, Meg has served as Co-Director of the University-School Partnerships for Achievement, Rigor and Creativity (Project U-SPARC), working to create boundary spanning places between university teaching, educators in schools, and community groups. Teaching, consulting and programming allows her to connect various stakeholders and groups around current issues in gifted education. Specifically, her work centers around working with teachers in schools, school embedded research and dismantling the systematic problems with underrepresentation in gifted education. Her research interests include programming that uses creativity and how creative problem solving and critical thinking meet the needs of special populations. Additionally, she serves in leadership with the Georgia Association for Gifted Children, the Georgia Gifted Education Task Force, and GAGC’s Coalition for Access and Equity building strong ties with our state leaders in gifted education and create the relationships necessary for change in the field.

Meg is a recipient of the Mary M. Frasier Excellence and Equity Award by the Georgia Association for Gifted Children for outstanding achievement in gifted education and NAGC’s Doctoral Student Award. Currently, Meg serves on both the Special Populations network and GRACE SIG with the National Association for Gifted Children. She is a columnist for Teaching for High Potential’s Taking the Creative Leap Beyond column and most recently, serves as the co-chair of the Georgia Association for Gifted Children’s Coalition for Access and Equity.


  • underachievement of creatively gifted students
  • critical and creative thinking in underrepresented populations
  • program design in gifted education
  • teacher change in gifted education


  •  Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, Gifted and Creative Education, 2003
    University of Georgia
  •  M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education, 1997
    Kennesaw State University
  •  B.A. in Elementary Education, 1995
    Furman University


 706-542-5774 (office)

Awards and Accolades

Doctoral Student Award

National Association for the Gifted, 2003

Mary Frasier Equity & Excellence Award

Georgia Association for Gifted Children, 2017