Michael D. Schmidt

Areas of Expertise

  • epidemiology
  • physical activity measurement
  • statistical analysis of observational data


  • obesity prevention and health consequences
  • compensatory diet responses to exercise
  • wearable technology to assess health behaviors
  • behavioral economic approaches to promote physical activity
  • physical activity during pregnancy

Academic Affiliations


  •  Ph.D. in Public Health; Emphasis in Epidemiology, 2005
    University of Massachusetts Amherst
  •  M.S. in Exercise Science; Emphasis in Exercise Physiology, 2001
    University of Massachusetts Amherst
  •  B.S. in Occupational Therapy, 1994
    State University of New York at Buffalo


 Ramsey Center, 115J
 706-542-6577 (office)

Research Summary

As a physical activity epidemiologist my research broadly focuses on examining associations between physical activity and human health and well-being from a public health perspective. More specifically, much of my research pertains to the following three concentration areas: i) the prevention and health consequences of obesity, ii) improving methods to measure physical activity in diverse populations, and iii) the use of wearable technologies to promote positive health behaviors throughout the lifespan.

Awards and Accolades

Honorary Research Associate

Menzies Research Institute, Hobart, Australia

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Public Health

National Heart Foundation of Australia