Ruchika Bansal, MS, MBA


Starting my career as a Bank Operations Manager in India, followed by working as a Technology Implementation Consultant in fast-paced U.S. healthcare industry for 5 years, I never imagined myself landing in Higher Education. Today, I am glad I joined the Department of Kinesiology as a Senior Accountant in 2014. I love to work with students, faculty, and staff, make a difference in their life, and be a part of their journey.

Personally, I am a strong believer in “keep learning, keep growing”. Life may not move in the direction one wants, but never take your hands off the wheel. So here I am, constantly steering and pushing forward.


  •  MS in Health Systems Engineering, 2009
    Georgia Institute of Technology
  •  MBA in Finance, 2006
    Punjabi University
  •  BS in Home Economics, 2004
    Punjab Agricultural University


 706-542-4384 (office)