Scott P. Ardoin, PhD, BCBA-D


Dr. Ardoin completed his undergraduate work at Louisiana State University, where he discovered the field of school psychology by working as an undergraduate research assistant with Drs. Joseph Witt, George Noell, and John Northup. While completing his doctoral work in school psychology at Syracuse University, Dr. Ardoin worked with Drs. Brian Martens and Tanya Eckert who developed his skills and expertise in applying principles of applied behavior analysis to the classroom as well as to academic instruction. Dr. Ardoin fine-tuned those skills and his consultation skills when completing post-doctoral work with Dr. Joseph Witt, who was developing and refining his Response to Intervention framework within urban and rural schools in Louisiana. Before joining the school psychology faculty at the University of Georgia (UGA) in 2008, Dr. Ardoin was in a tenure-track faculty position within the Department of Psychology at the University of South Carolina. Since at UGA, Dr. Ardoin has served as coordinator of the UGA School Psychology Clinic, graduate coordinator of the Department of Educational Psychology, Department Head of the Department of Educational Psychology and co-coordinator of the UGA Center for Autism and Behavioral Education Research (CABER). Currently, Dr. Ardoin is serving as the Mary Frances Early College of Education Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education. Across the last decade, Dr. Ardoin’s research has primarily focused on using eye-tracking procedures to better understand the processes and behaviors associated with students’ reading fluency and comprehension. Currently, he is concluding a U. S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences grant measuring what students do when taking tests of reading comprehension and how test format might alter what students do when taking tests and thus what test scores represent. Dr. Ardoin also continues conducting research that is closely aligned with more traditional behavior analytic work, examining academic and classroom behavioral management interventions using single-case design research procedures.

Areas of Expertise

  • reading intervention
  • reading assessment
  • classroom behavioral management
  • academic intervention


  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Reading Fluency
  • Classroom Behavior Management
  • Eye-tracking procedures



  •  PhD in School Psychology, 2001
    Syracuse University
  •  BS in Psychology, 1995
    Louisiana State University


Research Summary

Dr. Ardoin’s research interests include the application of principles of applied behavior analysis within classroom settings. He applies these principles to developing classroom and individual student behavioral interventions and to developing academic skill interventions and assessment materials. Much of his current research employs eye-tracking procedures to observe the reading behaviors engaged in by students when taking reading comprehension tests and how those behaviors are altered as a function of test and passage format. In addition to sharing this knowledge base with graduate students in school psychology through classwork and collaborative research, Dr. Ardoin teaches courses that make up the course sequence offered by UGA and approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board towards BACB eligibility requirements.